Accounting Services

Cloud-Based and In-House Support

At Abbott & Associates, our certified public accountants recognize that small business owners often have difficulty keeping up with financial records due to time constraints and personnel issues. Our staff can help with record keeping, giving owners more time to focus on their company and build their business.

We offer monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping services. Our staff is dedicated to provide accurate financial records that can help you run your business. We can provide compiled financial statements as often as required as well as customized management reports. The level of involvement can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

We'll work with you to identify the accounting services you need. Then we'll set up a schedule so data is collected, recorded, and handled efficiently and timely.

How Much Will It Cost?

You're likely to save more than our services cost. Your in-house staff needs will be reduced, so you will reduce associated employee costs such as payroll taxes, employee benefits, training time and expense, equipment and software costs, and employee management costs.

Best of all, your bookkeeping and accounting functions will be taken care of, so you can concentrate on running your business. Contact us for a free estimate of the cost savings for your business.

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