Tax Planning

Why work with a CPA for tax and financial planning?

  • The person doing your financial planning must also understand the complexities of your tax situation
  • CPA’s not only prepare tax returns, but they can help you understand ways to reduce your tax liability and preserve wealth for your family

Our qualifications as CPA’s make us trusted professionals who are best prepared to meet all of your personal or business and tax planning needs. As “trusted advisors” we can work on your behalf with other professionals such as investment advisors, attorneys, and insurance specialists.

The financial planning and tax services that our firm specializes in include:

Income tax planning for individuals and businesses

We design strategies you can follow throughout the year to reduce your taxes

Strategic small business planning and consulting

We work with small business owners to coordinate personal and business tax issues and help you select an organizational structure that meets your requirements

Estates and trusts

Not only can we prepare estate and trust tax returns, but we review wills and trust documents and develop strategies that fulfill your goals while preserving  assets

Retirement planning

Do you worry about having enough money to retire? We can help you develop a plan to deliver a secure and comfortable retirement

Gifts and charitable giving

We prepare gift tax returns and advise clients on gifting to reduce tax liabilities

Disclaimer:  Abbott & Associates, LLC does not receive fees for recommending investment products.  Investment recommendations should be made by an investment adviser registered with the SEC and/or appropriate state agency that you choose and engage. Insurance decisions should be made with the assistance of a licensed insurance professional.

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